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How could Nigeria be independent? How? 60 years of independence? How? From the clinch and claws of the emperialist? From the pound and squeeze of the Colonial Masters? Whose Capitalists dehumanized us and plundered our heritage, leaving us in dire situation of perennial dependency.

From day one of our seeming independence, our freedom has been in chains. As hard as we struggle the fetters around our legs and arms get tighter and painful.

Walking with those chains around our ankles is what we celebrate at 60? Selling our crude cheap to buy it back so dear as finished products is independence?

Depending on foreign aids and assistance to get projects done is what we are celebrating at 60?

Our cars are imported so are our toothpicks. We live in dependency, eat from dependency, cloth ourselves in dependency, run our policy in dependency, think in dependency still we celebrate , regale and bask over 60 years of independence?

She existed many years ago, as old as creation, still she was discovered as if she was lost in the first place.

What was she before the epic discovering? Free with nature? Happy with her environment? Cool with her gods? Joyful with what she could afford? Running and walking around naked but still descent and moral? Yes! All these she was, but the phantom discovering and amalgamation changed everything and left her despoiled by her despoilers, who changed her language, her culture, her thinking, her mannerism turning her into a perennial baby, yearning and whimpering for aids and handouts.

60 years of dependence on foreign aids. 60 years of living through the mirror of foreign policies and manipulations.

Our amazing culture was lost, so was our language and religion, replacing them with what our masters deemed good and superior.

How can she be independent? When her economy is in serious dependency, her politics and technology an imported items? How can she be independent when all she has are alien and foreign? How can she be independent when mere cough and sneeze from the Masters send shivers down her spines? How can she be independent when her presidents and Politicains live on foreign medical attention to survive?

There is nothing to celebrate. We are no better than what we were 60 years ago when the Union Jack fly was still at full mast.

We are like a bird that flew from the ground to perch on an anthill, motion without progressive movement. Aren’t we dependent? Yes we are and continue to be until that time when we would be so strong and mature to stand independently.

Until then, Happy dependence in politics, in religion, in technology, in culture, education and health.

What is there to celebrate at 60? Nothing really!

Happy independence? Did I hear you say I wish you same? What an obvious living in denial of the reality of our dependency in all things.

Grace will help us!

BY: Jarlath

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