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A Nigerian and Abuja Catholic Priest, Revd Fr Timothy Afenoko Ejeh, (Fada TimSax) has officially launched and published his new book, “DOUBLE-EDGE SWORD”, on Amazon. This became necessary to help meet the needs and demands of the many requests beyond the shores of Nigeria to have copies of this great and spiritually edifying work on homiletics and reflections.

To this effect, the book was officially launched on amazon and can be accessed via this link –, kindly follow to get a copy for a token at $9.99.

The book “The double-edged Sword” is a product of all his Sunday sermons from his first three years as a priest working in the Archdiocese of Abuja, Nigeria. It covers the three liturgical cycles Year A, B and C.

The book, “Double-Edged Sword,” which is the title of this book, is a reference to that Sword which is of the Holy Spirit. The metaphor of the sword as the Word of God is undeniably significant. The history of our humanity is inextricably entwined with the sword. Kingdoms rise and fall by the sword. Empires are born and rendered extinct by the power of the sword and the realm with the bigger sword dictates the course of history, determining the lot of generations yet unborn. Just like the sword of steel, the Sword of the Spirit (the Double-Edged Sword) is used to impale, to cut down, to defend and to parry. To impale the spirit of man with unapologetic truth, to cut down whatever weed that is planted by the ancient enemy, to defend against falsehood and to parry the advance of evil. The Word of God, which is the finest double-edged sword is not an instrument of violence or viciousness, but is an instrument of dominion by which the poor in spirit, though mighty through God, shall inherit the earth.

Revd Fr. Timothy Afeneko Ejeh – Author

Revd Fr Timothy Afeneoko Ejeh is a Catholic Priest of the Archdiocese of Abuja , Nigeria. He completed his undergraduate studies in Philosophy and Theology from the prestigious St. Augustine’s major Seminary Jos (An affiliate of Urbanian University in Rome, Italy and the University of Jos, Nigeria.


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