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This is one question that would not only challenge and task ones’ creative mind, it would certainly provoke many answers.

That is what life is, wide and diverse, creating angles and stand points from which many see it with their different lenses.

It could be the short-focal-length lens, the middle-focal length lens, the long-focal-length lens, and the zoom lens.

All these four lenses are good in their right, though with different functional capacity according to level of their pixel status.

The challenge is, when one engages a 2pixel camera and expects it to produce a high resolution picture of a 4 pixel camera. What a stretch beyond its elasticity limits!

What one’s mind doesn’t capture does not mean it is non-existent. No! It simply means that it exists beyond the conceivable radar of one’s mental lens.

Life is better enjoyed when one appreciates what one sees, strives to see what one doesn’t see without being cantankerous and needlessly disagreeable.

It is also quite enjoyable when we see further than others without being prideful, rather very accommodating, giving props to those that see less to understand us clearly.

Life and its appreciation are not about emotional argument. They could be, sometimes,but having it as a rule rather than an exception makes the whole essence of life a failure not a mistake.

We make mistake once in a while. Non is immune to it. Allowing our mistakes to mutate into failure is actually where the challenge is.

What is mistake? What is failure?

Simply put, mistake is a redeemable slip while failure is a mistake institutionalized. Hey! Don’t argue over this definition, it is mine, based on the pixel of my mental camera. Yours may be low or high.


I have written exams, articles and proposals before the final submission, I had to make some changes and correct some mistakes. I have equally written exam, articles and proposals, because of either my impatience to cross check and make corrections or didn’t realize such mistakes, I   failed.

Mistake may be said to be a sin while failure could be an iniquity.

I ask one more time, is corruption in Nigeria a sin / mistake or a failure/ iniquity?

What is sin?

It is an offence against God and humanity while   iniquity is a gross injustice, wickedness against God and humanity consistently without remorse or repentance. This of course is my definition based on the pixel of my mental camera. Yours may be low or high.

Corruption in Nigeria is not just a mistake/sin but a failure/ iniquity.  It is no more a fresh wound, it is a scar, poorly healed with a festering pain that causes daily haemorrhaging inside.

Like the woman with an issue of blood gone everywhere, money and energy spent all to no avail. Just a touch of the helm of Jesus’s cloth, it got all dried.

One could see the scars of the persistence indulgence of corruption in our political space and States owned Enterprises.

Corruption is a failure, a mistake, overtime over looked that mutated into an iniquity.

For years we have haemorrhaged, still bleeding. As a Nation we have sought healing from EFCC, ICPC, IPPIS, BVN, ETC. All these have failed and continue to fail presently.

Where can we possibly have this one touch for the flow of this blood to stop? Where?

One of my classmates Erims said not even God will help us. For him only Nigerians can help Nigeria and Nigerians out this messy.  You may not agree with him. That is the level of the Pixel of his mind. Yours may be low or high.

Assuming without conceding that God wouldn’t help Nigeria, how can we possibly pull ourselves by our shoe strings out of this pit of corruption with an endless depth?

Value! Value!! Value!!! We need to change our value system. We need to begin to unlearn so many things and learn new things. We need to change the pixel of our camera that has become too complacent with corruption and corrupt souls to a higher and value orientated Pixel of respecting integrity no matter how pauperized than eulogizing reputation in its stench opulence.

Until this is done, the fight against corruption in Nigeria would be a big joke; as humourous as a prostitute fighting to stop prostitution without either having a known decent livelihood or developing a regenerated spirit.

What is presently happening in NDDC may be a child’s play if the creative books of NNPC, NPA, CUSTOMS, CBN, FIRS etc are opened. Nigerians and Nigeria may be forced to improve on the Pondei fainting to a more detailed fainting with a possible coma.

#Corruption in Nigeria is a failure.

# Corruption in Nigeria is an iniquity

# Corruption in Nigeria is a principality.

It is a strong hold, fighting it, one must be above board and reproach, else one gets a terrible backlash.

One thing remains our option if we must wrestle corruption to the ground; value, orientation and institutionalization of good code for corporate governance are non-negotiable.

Until we get to that point in our life as Nigerians, when integrity gets celebrated, honoured and respected; until we get to that point in our life when hard-work and meritocracy are revered against illicit wealth, our flight against corruption may only be a talking point without results.

Let us learn to shame those who have given corruption a life line with a hug compensation of gargantuan material wealth to flaunt at the expense of all of us.

Until we make them look leprous even in their wealth, we will continue to smoulder under the strangulating hold of corruption.

Sadly, we the poor masses mostimes are complicit in the whole drama, faning it to flame for some lousy coins.

God will help us

#Jarlath Opara

DISCLAIMER: Opinions expressed in News Articles and Information here remain strictly those of the author and not of the CATHAREO Team.


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