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Fellow Nigerians. It is obvious we have more challenge in our hands than we have ever imagined.  Tufiakwa! Aka afukwala ihe ojo( may bad things never thrive).

No sane Nigerian would regale with pride over what happened yesterday at the House of Representatives  Committee on NDDC probe .

As dramatic, theatrical and boisterously laughable it may have seemed ; the bitter truth is, Nigeria is deep down in depravity than anybody can imagine.

We may have laughed, created skits out of it, couched quotable quotes and  other sundry caricature from what happened yesterday – the fainting to the barefaced  table breaking revelations and the “is okay interventions”. Sadly we are in for more shocking revelations.

He looked intimidating in academics, a Professor of note. His frame was no where near the diminutive stature of Zacchaeus. He was far above it but close to the giant frame of a Goliath.

Sadly his heart was feeble with the pliability of a straw and softness of a  plastic unto a glowing charcoal.

He lost it, got overwhelmed and didn’t know when he transited from a fine Professor of biology to an Oscar wining actor in a blockbuster. Whatever could make such a man of high pedigree with no known underlying debilitating ailment to act in such manner must be huge.. Honestly I don’t envy him.

Painfully,  prosperity will continue to throw up that scence .  The scenario will continue to play out to the amusement of many generations to come and to the embarrassment of his loved ones now and forever. What a bad way to write indelibly in the mind of the public!

We have seen the Dino’s, the Metuhs, the Fayoses etc, but a Professor is always a Professional with a unique way to deal with things masterly.

Nigerians ! We may have  clapped for Sen. Godswill Akpabio. We may equally have  called  him an uncommon,  smart and confident person. We may also have  given  our thumps up for exposing a  little the stench at the hallowed and honourable chambers; the truth is he bears a  terrible mark  and disposition of a great undertaker of the wealth of our economy in a very prodigal uncommon manner.

His tongue is sweet, his words are smart, his courage and confidence endearing but his intent and purpose “Delilahish”

He first  romanced the table, then held it, shook it and eventually broke it into pieces as the Honorables struggled to pick its pieces. daringly he waited , insisting to be allowed to do more damage. But he was   hindered and muffled.

Unfortunately for them,  the horse had already bolted out and the beans spilled.

As many that watched the scene, how the revelation  got momentum from a simple , casual, fleeting innuendo from the Senator Akpabio to a more deadly punch provoked by an innocent amateur punch from an honorable member to a free for all fight to stop the Anthony Joshua in Akpabio , will agree with me that Nigeria is long sold and our Distinguished and Honorable members may afterall be the highest shareholders.

My question is,  how can the greatest shareholders in a shambolic, inglorious and shady sell of a thing supervise its investigation?

The confidence of Akpabio before them, his almost theatrical disposition to issues of gargantuan magnitude may have derived its oxygen from his hindsight that six and half a dozen are just the same.

He is black, they are black. Who has the honor to call who black?

This NDDC probe may afterall be a stressful exercise in futility. Moving from a plane ground to an ant-hill.

Oh Lord save Nigeria from these hawks. Only you can. No mortal born of a woman can. From the President to the least Politician, none can respond positively to Jesus’ challenge “if you have not  committed adultery be the first to cast a stone”.

What happened? They all walked away  begining with the eldest.

In same way the probe and investigation will fizzle off with no serious and tangible conclusion.

Both those probing and those being probed would have walked away with  their stained hands, with no clean hand and conscience to bring them to judgment.

Grace will help Nigeria.

#Jarlath Opara

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