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Following a deeply reflective homily for the 15th Sunday in ordinary time, by a priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, Revd Fr Neibo Boniface, a writer, Mr Uche Opara J quoting his deeply reflected thoughts has further corroborated the Priest’s effort and expounded the frontiers of our understanding of the day’s message, focusing on the text of Is. 55:10-11 and very particularly Jesus parable evident in Matthew  13:1-23. In his words, he appreciates the priest for the the depth of the messages and the questions contained there in.

“Thanks to Rev.Fr Boniface Neibo who through his amazing piece and homily for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time titled –  THE MANY FAITHFULS’ HEARTS –  EVANGELIZED BUT NOT CONVERTED   inspired the above title in me.”

Life is all about collaboration. When we say nobody is an Ireland, it is not for the sake of saying it, it means every definition of It, x-raying the very self insufficience we are as humans.

Nobody stands alone in any endeavour. We are beings of tripod nature.

Any pregnancy is tripod in nature- three trimesters. Our composition is tripod- body, mind and soul. Our growth is equally tripod- childhood, adulthood and oldhood.

Funny enough, the process of our body nourishment takes a tripod cycle- eat, digest and excrete. Our life cycle is also tripod – Birth, growth and death.

For those who believe in reincarnation the cycle continues. Such is the mystery of life.

Nobody gets to his place of destiny without passing a tripod life formation cycle of being born, going to school and working.

Here school is generic. It could mean being schooled in letters or in craft/ trade.

Amazingly too, we have a God that is tripod in nature, God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. The digging continues. Until one digs, one may not realize the very deep mystery that life is wrapped and shrouded with.

Revd Fr Neibo Bonface, is a Catholic Priest, Abuja Archdiocese, Nigeria.

“Today I am enwrapped more in fears for the world, one reason is clear, we have so many evangelized people {Christians – Clergy, Religious and Laity} but very few converted {Christian} hearts…” – Fr Neibo Boniface

The above was the introductory quote of his article and homily for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A  titled -THE MANY FAITHFULS’ HEARTS –  EVANGELIZED BUT NOT CONVERTED, it flowed from the deepest part of him upon intense reflection.

SEE HOMILY HERE: https://www.cathareo.com/2020/07/11/the-many-faithfuls-hearts-evangelized-but-not-converted/

Looking critically at the above title one sees the tripod cycle- of ones spiritual life of the Word (Evangelizer’s tool), the channel ( Evangelizer) and the heart ( The Evangelized).

Each of these cannot stand alone. It is a tripod that must go in an unbroken circle.

When one looks at the decay and abysmally shameful decline of morality and ethical principles in the life of Christians one wonders where water surreptitiously entered the melon.

Three days ago I did two articles on the Word from God and the Word of God.   I equally followed it up with another article on the Men of God or the God of Men.

These two articles x-ray the first two stages of our spiritual circle ( The Evangelizer’s tool and the Evangelizer).

Assuming though not conceding that the Evangelizer’s tool (The Word,) Is correct and the Evangelizer( Men of God) are correct in the discharge of their duties then it becomes uncontestable that the crux of our bane in moral and ethical principles and consideration is the Evangelized ( The heart of men) But is that the case?

A look at the parable of the sower creates concerns and critical examination of still the tripod factors/ interplay of such process namely, the seed, the sower and the soil.

Even in this parable, we easily shift attention and beam the light of our interrogation and query on the soil. The soil just like the evangelized gets the backlash.

Has it ever occure to us that the seed or the sower could be the reason for the low yeild not the soil? Fr Neibo Boniface in his homily gave a stake to all three ‘S’ in the parable – The Soil, the Seed and the Sower and if one fails in viability the others suffer. If a sower fails in sowing well, a lot is still at stake. God Bless him.

If the seeds are good and the sower does a good and diligent job of tilling, removing all rocky, thorny etc parts why wouldn’t there be an increase? It means, if the seeds are bad and the sower fails to do a diligent job, there will always be a bad harvest.

Summarily, both the seeds, the sower and of course the soil must be top-notch for an assured increase.

Sadly, what we have most times is a pitiable and ignoble mishmash of the tool of the evangelizer (The word,) Bad evidence from the evangelizer (Men of God) And the unyeilding heart of the Evangelized (Men’s heart)

A look at the society, a critical exposition on the Church and an unbiased views on the various happenings in and around the SOE( State owned Enterprise),  One thing stands glaring- Total collapse of the  seed , the sower and the soil. Very unfortunate.

That we are still alive today may be attributed to the few nice seeds, negligible good sowers and the little expanse of the good soil we have.

On this, our little harvests of godliness, decency, morality, ethical principles, fairness, selfless love etc that we see in trifle and trickles in our society are achieved.

We are tripod in nature. For the good, better and best of us to be achieved, the various parts must be knitted to achieve cohesion.

#Good seeds, good sower and bad soil = Bad harvest.

# Good seeds, bad sower and good soil= bad harvest.

#Bad seeds, good sower and good soil= Bad harvest.

#Good seeds, good sower and good soil= Good and bountiful harvest.

Until we achieve this level of goodness in this tripartite processes preceding harvest; our harvest ( Spiritual wellness etc) will be a far cry.


Grace will help us.

BY: Jarlath Opara (jarlathuche@gmail.com)

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